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Exmouth Integrated Resource Planning

We're exploring opportunities and solutions that will shape Exmouth's future energy solution  

Horizon Power’s integrated resource planning (IRP) process kicked off in Exmouth, with an information session to gather feedback from community members and major stakeholders that will inform and shape the future energy solution for Exmouth. 

Our IRP framework brings together key information from demand and energy forecasting, future energy system planning and importantly, the community’s voice through engagement.

Exmouth's energy supply

Exmouth Power Station is Horizon Power’s only CNG (compressed natural gas) power station. It is has eight gas generators and two diesel generators, with the gas generators used to supply most of the load.

Gas is trucked into the power station each day. Typically one gas truck is required each day during winter (when the load is low), but this can increase to two or three gas trucks a day in summer when the load is high. The power station is reliable and hasn’t been the cause of any blackouts in the last four years.

Renewing the regions

In support of the State Government's WA Recovery Plan, Horizon Power plans to install a 1.4MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Exmouth. This BESS will allow more customers to install rooftop solar while still maintaining safe and reliable power. Additional solar should help reduce the amount of gas and diesel fuel required to supply the town load.

See how we're renewing the regions

Community engagement

The first community engagement session for Exmouth IRP was held at the Exmouth Golf Club on 22 October 2020 and was attended by a diverse mix of representatives from community, government agencies, customers, environmental groups, independent power producer and tourism businesses.

The Horizon Power Future Energy Systems team presented on what IRP means, our purpose, and some of the challenges as a regional supplier integrating renewables and ran small group workshops to better understand community sentiments.

The session identified several key themes important to the Exmouth community:

  • Exmouth has a strong and positive environmental culture, reflecting its placement in a UNESCO World Heritage site and is keen to be seen as a leader in renewable energy.
  • The town wants to see increased renewable generation options with solar, wind, batteries or other technology used.
  • Energy solutions need to be well considered, including long term impacts, lifecycle costs and cyclone conditions.
  • While there was some division on the point, many stakeholders were interested in visible wind or solar to highlight Exmouth as a regional leader in renewable energy transitioning.
  • There is a clear desire by the community to move away from the CNG reliance.
  • The community sought to understand why renewables were not more prevalent and issues of cost, reliability trade-offs and hosting capacity were discussed.
  • The community was pleased with the opportunity to participate and look forward to continued engagement throughout the planning process.

From here, Horizon Power will continue the options analysis and cost benefit modelling process, demand and energy forecasting and our long term system planning studies. Following this process, Horizon Power intends to present findings to the Exmouth community for comment mid-2021.

We value your feedback

If you have any feedback, would like to keep updated on the Exmouth IRP or participate in future community engagements events, please complete the form below.