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More solar is on the way

It’s our job to build your brighter renewable energy future

Living in regional Western Australia shouldn’t mean you can’t access solar. Our goal is that all Horizon Power households can have access to rooftop solar by 2025, and we are working hard to make it happen. 

The microgrid that powers your town needs to be carefully managed to ensure an increase in rooftop solar does not impact the stability and reliability of power supply to the community.

That's why we've set a limit on how much rooftop solar our electricity network can accommodate in each town without disrupting supply to our customers. This is called hosting capacity. Hosting capacity is currently constrained in a few regional towns, which means some customers have been unable to install and enjoy the benefits of rooftop solar systems. Watch the video to learn more.


What are we doing to fix this?


More solar

We’re working hard to fix the hosting capacity constraints and make solar available to more of our communities.


Battery storage

We’re progressing with the installation of battery energy storage systems across nine locations to increase hosting capacity as quickly as possible.


Fairer for everyone

We're committed to ensuring there is a fair and equitable distribution of capacity when it becomes available.


Future focussed

We’re reviewing our approach to how we calculate hosting capacity to reduce barriers and access to solar.

Are you solar ready?

Investing in a rooftop solar system is an important decision and we’re here to help. We’ve prepared a ‘smart choice checklist’ and guides for buying, installing, and choosing the right solar system for you.

When solar becomes available in your town and you're ready to install, we recommend you refer to our helpful tips and checklist when discussing solutions with your potential solar supplier.


Smart choice checklist

1. Is your solar installer an accredited Clean Energy Council installer? You can quickly find an accredited installer near you or check if your preferred installer is accredited through the CEC website here.
2. Have you checked the feedback and ratings on the approved solar retailer and solar installer so you know how they’ve performed for other customers? 
3. How much experience does your solar installer have working with Horizon Power and the particular requirements of regional WA? (For example, cyclone rated installations) 
4. Will the company quoting on the system actually be doing the installation? Or will they be handing this over to a sub-contractor? 
5. Who do you contact if something goes wrong with your equipment? – Are they a regionally based business and are they able to quickly resolve issues?  
6. How long is the warranty period for a solar system? 

Read more tips

Frequently asked questions

When sunlight hits the solar panels on your roof, your inverter converts it into electricity that is ready to use in your home. If you don’t use the electricity made by the solar panels, your meter measures how much of your excess electricity is fed back into the network for someone else to use. The meter also helps measure how much electricity you use from the network when there is no sun to generate your own solar energy.

You can find out more here.

We've been working hard to transform the grids across regional WA into renewable ready energy systems and we are pleased to announce more solar releases in Broome. To ensure this is distributed in the most equitable way possible, capacity will be allocated on a ‘first in – first served’ basis.

Residential customers - July 2021

Applications opened to Broome residential customers on 12 July 2021, at 9 am. In this phase we released 900kW of solar capacity, receiving over 160 applications from residential customers. Hosting capacity has since been exhausted and applications are now closed. 

More solar is coming 

We continue to work on new technical solutions that will unlock solar access for Broome customers. The first of which includes the installation of a Broome community battery energy storage solution which will allow more solar capacity to become available in early 2022. More information about this release will be available in December 2021. 

Stay tuned!

We are committed to increasing cleaner, greener renewable energy solutions to provide more choice and flexibility for households and businesses. As we get closer to opening up more hosting capacity in each town, we'll release more information. You can also sign up below to be notified when solar becomes available. 

We will offer a 50/50 allocation of available solar hosting between residential and commercial customers. This will ensure distribution is more equitable and accessible to more of our customers. 

No. Due to the high demand of rooftop solar we process applications on a first come, first serve basis.

However, you can sign up below to be notified of any changes to solar capacity, products and trials in your area.


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