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Know the dangers of oversize equipment

Be aware of the height and width of equipment you use or loads you transport

If you make accidental contact with powerlines, poles, service lines or other infrastructure, you may cause damage, disruption, injury or even death.

Safety of both the public and those involved in transporting oversize loads is the most important aspect of any load movement and Horizon Power will not compromise safety under any circumstances.

To ensure your safety and that of our communities, if transporting a load higher than 4.3 metres (or 4.6 metres for livestock vehicles and towed agricultural machinery travelling on nominated routes), or wider than 5.5 metres, you must receive approval from Horizon Power before you proceed. 

Apply for a permit

Depending on the route and the size of load, Horizon Power may need to help you by moving, raising or shielding powerlines or by providing a road escort.

You can apply for a permit online. A fee is payable to process your application and additional costs may be payable for an escort, observer or for the powerlines to be raised.

All applications to transport oversize loads that will require travel between Horizon Power’s network and Western Power’s network can be lodged as a single application to Western Power for the inter-district travel no matter where the origin of movement. Our website can help you determine whether you require an inter district permit.

To apply for a permit you must first register with us as a customer. You will need to provide your company name, contact details and ABN. We will then provide you with a customer number which you should quote on your permit application.

High and wide loads

High and wide loads

Find out how to request a permit for oversized loads.

Be aware of electrical assets on your farm

Be aware of electrical assets on your farm

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