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Smart Sun Pilot

We've joined forces with DevelopmentWA to deliver solar-powered microgrid packages in Broome.

The pilot will help us understand:

  • how to integrate higher levels of solar energy generation into the electricity network while also reducing the amount of high-cost infrastructure required in new housing developments.
  • how to make the network stable and stop intermittency that arises from high levels of solar generation.

The pilot, which is currently limited to 12 participants is being undertaken in DevelopmentWA’s Warranyjarri Estate in Broome North.

Residents taking part in the research pilot will purchase a Smart Sun package for a heavily-discounted, fixed price of $5,000, which includes installation. The package would normally retail for between $25,000 and $35,000. 

The Smart Sun package includes:

  • solar panels – to generate environmentally friendly electricity.
  • a solar inverter – which converts the energy from the solar panels into electricity for use in the home.
  • a battery – to store excess electricity generated by the solar panels that can be used when the panels cannot produce enough electricity.
  • an energy management system – which maximises the use of solar-generated electricity and minimises the use of purchased electricity from the grid. The system also manages energy-hungry appliances, such as air conditioners and pool pumps, to minimise energy consumption while maintaining performance.
  • a hot water heat pump – the heat pump is an energy efficient method of heating water that has been designed for the harsh conditions of WA. The pump also has a special feature where excess solar power can be used to increase the temperature of the water so less power is needed from the grid.

Feedback from the pilot will be used to open up access for new distributed energy solutions including solar power, into the future. 

Further information

 Download the brochure