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Would you like to reduce your electricity bill by hundreds of dollars a year?

We’re all looking for ways to cut back on our energy use and save money and we've put together a guide to show just how you can do this.

By thinking more about what uses the most power and making changes to your energy use behaviour, you can find some easy ways to lower your electricity bill. You’ll be surprised how much energy and money you can save by making some simple changes. Even if you aren't able to make all the changes we suggest, changing your behaviour just a little bit will reduce your energy costs.

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Would you like to reduce your electricity bill by hundreds of dollars a year? We've put together a guide to show just how you can do this.

Too many lights and screens on in your household?

Make it a habit to switch things off when not in use. Turning appliances such as computers, TVs and phone chargers off at the wall will save you even more.

Are you using the dryer when you don't need to?

Clothes dryers use a lot of electricity. So hang your washing on your outdoor line if the weather is sunny, or a clothes horse under shelter.

Is your air-conditioner working harder than it needs to?

Adjusting the temperature setting on your air-conditioner by as little as one degree can lower the running cost by up to 10 percent.

Computers, TVs and general appliances

One television on at any time

Lots of families have more than one TV, plus other electronic devices such as laptops and iPads. Try and limit your viewing to one device - it's a great opportunity to spend time together.

Potential saving of $40 per year

Choose an energy efficient TV

Consider the energy star ratings when purchasing new appliances. The more stars, the more efficient an appliance is.

Potential saving of $200 per year

Turn appliances off at the wall

Make sure you turn them off at the wall to save electricity and money.

Potential saving of $100 per year

Enjoy some fresh air

Send the kids outside to play for a few hours and turn off TVs, games consoles, computers and lights.

Heating and cooling

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Put on a jumper or blanket

Before reaching straight for your heater this winter, reach for a jumper or blanket first.

Simple ways to keep warm

Let warmth in through your windows, especially north-facing windows in winter by opening your blinds and curtains on sunny days to allow warm sunlight in.

Set your air-conditioner from 18 to 20 degrees in winter

Increasing your thermostat setting by even one degree can increase your running costs by 10%.

Maintain your air-conditioner

Remember to service your air conditioner and ensure it is free from dust and dirt and in good working order. We recommend you do this monthly at a minimum, more frequently if you live in the north of the State.

Kitchen and cooking

Kettle tips

Fill your kettle with cold water and make sure you only heat as much water as you need.

Use the microwave

Microwave ovens use less energy than standard ovens, so consider using your microwave before turning the oven on.

Keep rangehoods and exhaust fans clean

Regularly clean the grease vent in your kitchen range hood or exhaust fan to keep it running efficiently.

Check your refrigerator temperature

Check your fridge is running at the optimum temperature - between three and five degrees.

Switch off your second refrigerator

If you have a second fridge for drinks, try to fit them in your main fridge and only use the second fridge when you're entertaining or use an esky instead.

Potential saving of $250 per year

Refrigerator maintenance

Check your fridge has a tight door seal to prevent energy wastage. Vacuum your condenser coil at the back of the fridge so it runs more efficiently.


Swap your old incandescent globe

Compact fluorescent light globes (or CFLs) use 80% less power and can last up to eight times longer than standard incandescent globes.

Potential saving of $220 per year (based on 10 globes)

Battery operated night lights

If your kids can't sleep at night without the comfort of a nightlight, consider using a battery-operated night light instead.

Turn off the lights

If you're the last person to leave the room, make sure you turn the lights off.

Potential saving of $25 per year (based on 5 lights left on)

Washing and drying


Reduce the length of your showers

See if you can reduce the length of your shower to four minutes - you'll save time and money.

Wait for a full load to do your washing

Try to use your machine less by doing one or two full loads rather than lots of smaller loads.

Potential saving of $20 per year

Wash your clothes in cold water

Using cold water in your washing machine where possible can save you money.

Potential saving of $60 per year (front loader) / $160 (top loader)

Upgrade your top loader washing machine

Front loading washing machines are often the most energy and water efficient. Look for the highest number of energy stars when buying a new machine.

Potential saving of $150 per year

Washing and drying

Ban the clothes dryer

Use the sun and wind to line dry your clothes and if it is wet weather, dry with a clothes horse instead.

Potential saving of $75 per year
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