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Standalone Power Systems (SPS)

Safe and reliable energy for rural families and businesses

Standalone Power Systems (SPS), formerly known as Micro Power Systems (MPS), are the next generation of advanced technology specially designed for Horizon Power to provide selected rural customers with more reliable electricity without the need to be connected to the overhead electricity network.

How does a Standalone Power System (SPS) work?

SPS units use solar and battery technology to generate and store reliable, clean power without the need to be connected to the overhead electricity network. Using solar panels, batteries, inverters and a back-up diesel generator, the system supplies continuous power 24 hours a day, regardless of the weather. 

The solar panels create electricity during daylight hours. If you aren’t using as much electricity as the solar cells are generating, the excess electricity will charge the battery until it is full. When the sun goes down and the solar panels can’t generate electricity, the battery provides power to your home. The diesel generator will provide backup power if you need more energy than what is generated by the solar panels and stored by the batteries. This combination ensures your power is uninterrupted rain, hail or shine.

At this point in time only selected properties in Esperance will be given the opportunity to have a SPS installed. Other properties may be considered where it makes economic sense for Horizon Power to install a SPS and remove the overhead connection. 

For eligible customers, all costs associated with design, installation and maintenance of the SPS are covered by Horizon Power The unit will be owned and operated by Horizon Power.  

Customers will continue to be billed for electricity usage, in line with the tariffs and fees set for Horizon Power.

No additional cost

Customers with an SPS pay the same unit price for electricity as those connected to the overhead power network.

Maintenance is taken care of

Management of the system including all maintenance services are fully provided, at no cost, by Horizon Power. 


To ensure we can carry out routine maintenance of the SPS, we will require an easement in gross be granted to allow Horizon Power access to the SPS unit.  This agreement is similar to the rights Horizon Power has in relation to overhead power lines and poles on private land.

Each SPS is designed for our customer

The SPS is designed specifically to meet each customer’s individual energy requirements. 

We may need to upgrade your meter box, main switchboard and consumer mains in order to make them safe and compliant with current standards to enable the installation of the SPS at your property. These costs are covered by Horizon Power. Horizon Power will not be responsible for any electrical upgrade work that may be required behind the main switchboard. This work will need to be undertaken by a qualified electrician at your own cost.

Safe, reliable power

The SPS provides more reliable power supply because it is less affected by outages caused by line maintenance and weather events such as floods, wildlife and bushfires. 

Reduced risk with no poles and wires

The removal of poles and wires eliminates the risk of injury and damage to people, network and property, caused by farming activities and reduces bushfire risk. There is also a significant reduction in the need for Horizon Power crews to access farmland to patrol power lines that traverse our customer’s property. 

Benefit from clean energy

The SPS offers an energy efficient solution harnessing the latest renewable energy technology and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. 

Long term peace of mind

The SPS is designed and installed to the latest standards. When components need replacing, Horizon Power will undertake this at no cost to our customer. 

After almost three years of successfully trialling standalone power systems, Horizon Power is offering selected Esperance customers this safe and reliable source of electricity.

Standalone Power Systems (SPS) are the next generation of advanced technology specially designed for Horizon Power.

There are four Standalone Power Systems providing clean, reliable energy to regional Esperance customers. Additional installations are located at; the Horizon Power Esperance Depot, Fitzgerald National Park in Hopetoun, Cape Le Grande National Park and the Exmouth Golf Club.   

You can find out more at the links below. 

If you live in the rural Esperance region and would like more information about our SPS energy solutions, please complete our enquiry form.

Alternatively, please phone Donna Gibson, Retail and Community Manager for the Goldfields-Esperance region (08) 9072 3408.

What do our customers say?

"We are now completely self-sufficient, but with the advantage of having Horizon Power on hand to maintain and service our system." John and Val Locke, Esperance beef farmers.