New electricity connection

Application process for Remote Communities

Application process

This application will help us understand the requirements for your electricity supply. It is important to complete all relevant fields to avoid delays in receiving the design and quotation.

If you are an electrical consultant/ contractor, you must have written authorisation from the applicant to act on their behalf.

Assessment and fees

Within 5 business days of receiving a complete application, we will issue a design fee invoice of $6,600 (for connections between 30kVA and 1mVA). The design fee will be deducted from the formal quote if you proceed with the project but is otherwise non-refundable. 

There is no charge if the size of your connection is less than 30kVA.

Design and formal quote

After receiving payment of the design fee, we will issue you a design and formal quote for the connection works within 60 business days.

If a capacity assessment is required it may take up to 90 days to recieve your design and quote. 

Accept quote

If you wish to proceed, sign the Quote Acceptance form and return it to us within 30 business days. 

We will issue a construction invoice for the work which will need to be paid before any work can be scheduled.

New electricity connection application



What do I need to complete this form?

  1. Contact information for the applicant

  2. Contact information for the applicant’s electrical consultant or contractor

  3. Connection details: site location, type of premises, project timings and planning application number (if applicable)

  4. Load details: initial and final total load (kVA), estimated annual energy consumption (kWh), types and details of the electrical equipment you intend to operate

  5. For loads of more than 100 amps, you must provide details of your requirement for current transformer (CT) metering, including identification of units in the case of multi-unit developments, and details of the electrical equipment you intend to operate

Supporting documentation

Here’s a summary of the information we require to provide a detailed design. Where applicable, please attach this information to your application.

  1. Site plan/ layout of installation, showing the position of all electrical distribution, for example, switchboards and main cable routes

  2. Electrical single line diagram of installation, detailing all primary plant ratings, for example, rating of fixed plant, cable rating and protective devices installed

  3. Equipment technical information datasheet for equipment, for example, voltage and current harmonic contents and starting characteristics

  4. Earthing details, load profiles, feasibility checklist

  5. Site owner’s consent. If applicable, please attach a letter from the owner of the lot giving authorisation for the work requested in this application

Important information about this form

Once you start your application, you will be able to save, close and return to your application. You will have 30 days to complete and submit your application before your saved application will expire and you will need to start again.


Business details

Applicant contact details

Applicant address details

Can these contact details be used for invoicing?

Invoice details

Is the contractor/consultant the same as the same as the applicant?

Contractor details

Is the applicant the lot owner?


Site location

Do you know the coordinates for your connection location?


Connection details

What type of connection do you require? Commercial and Industrial properties have very different electricity needs and are more complex in nature.
Please enter the date from which you require supply to commence. Please allow a minimum of three months from receipt of payment of invoice for connection to be provided by Horizon Power.


Estimated total maximum demand

Provide you estimated load profile and any other relevant information about your connection. Both kVA and Amps/phase are accepted.
Provide you estimated load profile and any other relevant information about your connection. Both kVA and Amps/phase are accepted.

Estimated total consumption

Load pattern

Monday to Friday or seven days a week


Supply arrangement options Low voltage supply: These substations are generally suitable for loads up to 2MVA. Horizon Power owns and is responsible for all equipment within the substation. High voltage supply: These options are generally suitable for loads above 1MVA. The customer owns and is responsible for all equipment within the substation other than Horizon Power's metering unit and any high voltage switches connecting the substation to the Horizon Power network. Supply with higher levels of security: Please tick this option if you require a power supply arrangement with a greater level of security than is offered by the standard arrangements above.
Low voltage power supply options
High voltage power supply options


Do you require a CT meter? CT (Current Transformer) meters are installed on any connections with a load greater than 100 Amps. A CT meter only measures a fraction of the current passing through the connection and a multiplier is applied to this reading to reflect the actual current.
Are there multiple units?


Equipment details


Power converting equipment

Arcing devices

Magnetic core equipment

Power factor correction or harmonic mitigating equipment



Attachment checklist

Select the items you are providing with this application

Request quote

Request to provide a formal quote

Before you submit this application, please carefully read the information on this page. If you are a contractor or any person other than an applicant and you are submitting a new connection application or supply upgrade application (Connection Application) on behalf of the applicant, by completing and submitting a Connection Application you:
  • warrant that you have been authorised by the applicant to do so and that you have assumed complete responsibility for fully informing the applicant of all of the applicable terms and conditions prior to completing the application process.
  • acknowledge and understand that you may be required to provide a copy of the applicant’s explicit informed consent for the submission of this application if requested by Horizon Power up to 12 months from the date of submission of this application and that Horizon Power may contact the applicant to confirm that they have provided their consent to me completing and submitting this application on their behalf.

Conditions of request to provide a formal quote

1. No obligation to proceed

Submission of a new connection or supply upgrade application (Connection Application) does not oblige you to proceed with the electricity infrastructure works unless you accept our formal quote.

2. Large connections

If your connection will have a total maximum load greater than 1000kVA or 10% of the relevant systems peak load, Horizon Power reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions or impose new conditions in connection with your Connection Application.

3. Design fee

A formal quote is free of charge for connections that will have a total maximum demand of 30 kVA or less or projects that only require relocation of Horizon Power assets.
A design fee is payable for connections with a total maximum load of more than 30 kVA or connections which will require CT metering that will result in an increase in the load capacity at the relevant site. The design fee is specified in the Fees and Charges section of Horizon Power’s website at Horizon Power will issue you with a tax invoice for the design fee (if applicable) after Horizon Power receives the completed Connection Application form from you. Horizon Power will only commence preparation of the detailed design and formal quote when this fee (if applicable) is paid.

4. Cost of the design fee may increase

If the actual costs incurred by Horizon Power in preparing the detailed design and formal quote exceed the design fee, the difference will be incorporated into the formal quote and will be payable by you in accordance with the terms and conditions attached to the formal quote.

5. Design fee non-refundable

The design fee is not refundable, even if you decide not to instruct Horizon Power to proceed with the electricity infrastructure works.

6. Additional charges

You must pay Horizon Power any amounts requested by Horizon Power in relation to re-doing or varying the formal quote due to any material amendment to the project described in your Connection Application.

7. Statutory approvals and clearances

You are responsible for obtaining any statutory approvals such as planning approval and approvals in relation to heritage, Native title, Aboriginal heritage, flora and fauna or any vegetation clearances from the appropriate government body or agent in relation to the proposed electricity infrastructure works at your own cost. These approvals (if any) should be obtained at the same time as the Connection.
Application process.

8. Execution of Standard Form Contract or other power supply agreement

If you accept the formal quote, you will be required to enter into a Standard Form Contractor other power supply agreement with Horizon Power, which Standard Form Contract or power supply agreement will detail the price you will pay for electricity supplied by Horizon Power.

The commercial rate at which Horizon Power will supply electricity will be given to you with the formal quote. Where you have been required to enter into a power supply agreement other than a Standard Form Contract, a copy of that agreement will be attached to the formal quote.


Horizon Power will prepare and forward a tax invoice to you for the design fee (if applicable) (as outlined above) once we have received a properly completed Connection Application form. Your payment options will be listed at the bottom of that invoice.

Request to provide a formal quote

I/we, the applicant(s) described above, hereby request Horizon Power to proceed with the preparation of a formal quote for the project described in this Connection Application.

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