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Onslow Renewable Energy Pilot

Discounted solar PV and battery systems offered as part of Horizon Power’s Renewable Energy Pilot are no longer available for purchase.

The pilot has involved Horizon Power selling generously incentivised solar PV panels and batteries to residential and small business customers in Onslow, as part of the project which tests the management of renewable energy in an isolated regional community.

The work in Onslow is helping Horizon Power demonstrate, and prepare for a renewable energy future, by enabling the significant expansion of how much renewable energy we can allow onto our networks and how the network impacts of high-renewable penetration can be managed for the benefit of customer and Horizon Power.

Onslow solar customers

Customers who have purchased a solar product during the Pilot will continue to receive ongoing product support from Mechanical Project Services (MPS) in line with their warranty.

Please contact MPS directly on 08 6500 1530.

Installing solar

Horizon Power is committed to incorporating renewable energy into its microgrids.
Increasing the amount of renewable energy on the electricity network is a key driver for Horizon Power to explore ways to provide its customers with greater choice and control over their energy bills.

In many of the regional towns, there is limited capacity to install additional rooftop solar because it can impact the reliability of power supplies and stability of the network. Technology trials like Onslow, allow us to connect and manage renewable energy systems for our communities, to potentially enable us to incorporate higher levels of renewables in the future.

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