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Renewable energy system connection application form

To get started, select whether you’re a Horizon Power customer or a solar installer applying on their behalf.

To continue, you must have your customer’s consent to act on their behalf.

  • I have the customer’s consent to complete and submit this application to Horizon Power for the purposes of registering a renewable energy system and to enter into a contract with Horizon Power for the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme.
  • I have informed the customer, if they have an existing system, that modification to their system may affect their feed-in tariff eligibility and/or Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme eligibility and they should seek advice on these issues.
  • The renewable energy system will be installed by a Clean Energy Council accredited designer and installer.
  • I will obtain Horizon Power’s approval of the installation of the renewable energy system before the system is connected.
  • I will comply with Horizon Power’s technical connection requirements.
  • I authorise Horizon Power to verify the system installation with State and/or Federal Government agencies and entities as required.
  • The customer has read and understood the Horizon Power Buyback Terms and Conditions.

Do you have the authority to complete this application on the customer’s behalf?

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* It is the customer's responsibility to notify Horizon Power of energy storage size if it is added at a later stage.

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Applicant declaration

I/we, the applicant(s) described above:

  1. apply for Horizon Power’s approval to connect my/ our renewable energy installation to Horizon Power’s electricity system;
  2. acknowledge and understand that Horizon Power is not bound to grant its approval to my/our renewable energy application and that Horizon Power’s approval may be subject to conditions including the requirement to install a Feed-In Management device or to make provision for Feed-In Management in the future;
  3. agree, if Horizon Power approves my/our renewable energy application, to comply with the following terms and conditions (including in relation to the operation of your renewable energy system and sale of any excess electricity to Horizon Power): a) if Horizon Power determines that I/we am/are a DEBS eligible customer under the Electricity Industry (Licence Conditions) Regulations 2005 (WA) – the renewable energy buyback terms and conditions. b) if Horizon Power determines that I/we am/are not a DEBS eligible customer under the Electricity Industry (Licence Conditions) Regulations 2005 (WA) – the renewable energy commercial buyback terms and conditions. 
  4. acknowledge and understand that, if Horizon Power approves this application, then this application, the relevant terms and conditions, and the technical requirements, will form a legally binding contract between me/us and Horizon Power (our “Contract”);
  5. acknowledge and understand that the Terms and Conditions and technical requirements can be accessed from Horizon Power’s website,;
  6. acknowledge and understand that if Horizon Power approves my/our renewable energy application, the Contract requires me/us to pay for, among other things: a) any meter reprogramming or metering equipment installed by Horizon Power at my/our premises in accordance with the Contract regardless of whether my/our renewable energy system is installed or commissioned; and b) costs associated with the testing of the renewable energy system if our Contract incorporates the Horizon Power Renewable Energy Buyback Terms and Conditions;
  7. agree that if Horizon Power approves my/our renewable energy application, I/we authorise Horizon Power to inform Government Agencies of its approval and to disclose the Contract to those Government Agencies for any purposes including assisting in the approval of any application by me/us for any subsidy, funding or rebates made in connection with our renewable energy system.
  8. I/we agree: a. to operate and maintain my/our renewable energy system in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions and recommendations and Horizon Power’s Technical Requirements document which is available on our website at; and b. that no change can be made to my/our renewable energy system (including but not limited to generating capacity, output capacity and inverter rating) without first receiving written approval from Horizon Power.
  9. I agree that I am responsible for my system and its use. Without limiting my obligations in any way, I must install adequate protection devices, as approved by Horizon Power, to protect my system from faults (including without limitation, power surges) on Horizon Power’s network. I agree that Horizon Power will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury that may be caused by my system or its use, or by my failure to install adequate protection devices. Horizon Power will not be liable to me for any consequential or indirect loss or for any business interruption loss, lost profits, loss of an opportunity or my liability to third parties under a contract or otherwise arising from, or in connection with, a breach of any obligation imposed on me under this Application or the Contract, the negligence of Horizon Power or any other legal theory. I am liable for, and must indemnify Horizon Power against any loss or damage caused by, consequent upon or arising out of or in connection with any failure to perform obligations imposed on me under this Application or the Contract or any intentional, reckless or negligent acts and omissions by me or any person acting on my behalf.