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Fallen powerlines can be deadly

Report fallen powerlines to Horizon Power immediately on 13 23 51.
In an emergency situation call 000.

What to do if you hit a power pole

Stay in the vehicle

If your vehicle is in contact with a fallen powerline, it could be electrified and so could the ground around it. It sounds strange, but your car is actually the safest place for you to be because you aren't in physical contact with the ground. If you aren't in immediate danger, stay in the vehicle, warn others to keep away and call 000.

Exiting the vehicle safely

You should only get out of your vehicle if it’s on fire or you believe you are in imminent danger. To do this safely, you need to make sure you don’t touch the vehicle and ground at the same time. The safest way to exit the vehicle is by jumping from the car, keeping your feet together and your arms towards your chest.

Shuffle to safety

After you’ve exited the vehicle, you still need to get out of the danger zone safely. You can do this by keeping your feet close together and shuffling one foot forward a little at a time, never letting the heel of one foot move past the toe of the other. Keep shuffling until you're at least 10 metres away.