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Electric shocks and tingles

Electric shocks or tingles are warning signs that something may be wrong with your home’s electrical wiring and could cause serious harm

Electric shocks and tingles come from places in your property that have electrical wiring or metal components. You may experience an electric shock or tingle if there’s a fault with the internal wiring in your home, or in some cases, a network fault where the powerlines meet your property.

If you receive an electric shock or tingle from an appliance, water pipe, metal tap, power point or any other conductor of electricity in your home, it’s important to report it immediately by calling our faults line on 13 23 51

Always proceed with caution and avoid touching the location of the electric shock and any metal fittings and appliances until your property has been checked and given the all clear.

Report electric shocks and tingles by calling our faults line on 13 23 51
In an emergency situation, dial 000


Should I turn the power off at my property if I experience an electric shock?

The switchboard enclosure that contains your property’s main electricity switch will most likely be metallic and should not be touched. The safest approach is to avoid touching any exposed metallic surface until our crew can carry out the necessary safety checks at your property.

If an electrical issue is identified, how will it be fixed?

If we find there is an issue with the network connection, or with equipment owned by us, our crews will carry out repairs at no cost to you. We will ensure that you are reconnected as soon as possible.

If the cause of the electric shock is not due to the network connection, it is likely that the issue is with the wiring in your property. You will need to source and pay for a qualified electrician to inspect and rectify the issue. If you are renting, this is the responsibility of your landlord, so it’s important to notify them immediately so that they can arrange for an electrician to carry out the work.

Once the fault has been fixed, a Horizon Power electrical inspector will carry out checks on your property to ensure it is safe to be re-energised.