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What is MyPower?

Compared with the existing tariff, MyPower plans have a much lower cost per unit of electricity and a higher fixed daily charge. The result is smoother bills throughout the year. If you reduce your energy use during the peak period of 1pm to 8pm, you could benefit from a MyPower plan. Find out more. 

How can I check if I am eligible for MyPower?

Checking eligibility is quick and easy. Simply visit the MyPower “Find my plan” page and enter your email address.

Will I be better off financially on a MyPower plan compared to how I am billed now?

MyPower assists you financially by smoothing your bills throughout the year. Using the mobile app also lets you monitor your usage and will make your bill more predictable.

If you are able to manage your electricity usage throughout the year, particularly during the peak period (1pm-8pm) you could save money.  We can help you estimate the potential savings.

Do I have to be on a MyPower plan?

No. You can choose to stay on your current billing arrangement. 

Will I be locked into a contract with MyPower?

No. There is no lock-in contract with MyPower, you can switch back at any time at no cost.

Which plan will I be on?  

We will provide a plan that best suits your electricity needs. Your plan will be based on your historical electricity usage data. 

If my circumstances change can I switch to a lower plan?

Yes. You need to show three months usage history on your plan during the peak period to enable us to reassess whether switching to another plan will benefit you.

If you have installed solar and battery storage please contact us on 1800 267 926 to ensure you are on the best plan.

Can I sign up to MyPower if I’m on the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS)? 

Yes. You are able to register or participate in the renewable energy buyback scheme as well as being a MyPower customer. 

Why is Horizon Power offering MyPower plans?

Horizon Power is working towards fairer electricity pricing for our customers which at the same time achieves a reduction in the subsidy paid by the government to the provision of electricity in regional Western Australia. MyPower is a demonstration product available in Port Hedland and Broome and allows customers to smooth their bills and gives them the tools to manage their electricity usage and enable more bill predictability.

Will MyPower be offered in other towns?

MyPower may be rolled out to other regional areas in the future. Horizon Power is working with the government to review MyPower in the current towns and future reform.

Who do I contact if I have any other questions?

Contact us on 1800 267 926.

What is meant by ‘peak allowance’ in my plan?

Your plan will have an hourly electricity usage limit, this is known as your ‘peak allowance’.

When do I have to stay under my peak allowance?

You need to stay under your peak allowance during peak periods between the hours of 1pm – 8pm.

When are the peak periods?

Between 1pm-8pm.

Residential customers: Mon-Fri (peak allowance doesn’t apply on weekends or public holidays)

Business customers: Mon-Sun (peak allowance doesn’t apply on public holidays)

During an emergency event, Horizon Power may provide waiver of the peak period during emergency events.  You will be notified if peak period has been suspended.

What happens if I go over my peak allowance?

If you go over your peak allowance four times during the peak period we will switch you to a higher plan to better suit your energy usage needs. You will be notified each time you go over and before your plan is changed.

I heard something about rebates? Are they still part of MyPower?

As part of our ongoing review to improve MyPower, the rebate originally offered is being replaced with a simple, lower monthly fixed rate to give all MyPower customers a $300 benefit over the year, equal to the maximum rebate originally offered.


What happens if I opt out of MyPower?

If you opt out of MyPower we will revert your account to standard tariff

Can I still receive my bill by post if I sign up for MyPower?

No. When you choose MyPower you are automatically registered for eBilling. You will also be signed up for MyAccount, which means you can view your statements and pay bills online or with the Horizon Power app. My Account also allows you to update your contact details, move into or out of a property and make payments online. MyAccount is very easy to use and will save you time.

What is the MyPower app?

MyPower is an additional feature within the current Horizon Power app. The MyPower feature gives you near real time information about your usage, in addition you will receive notifications, alerts and access to a dashboard to help you easily manage your usage. The MyPower feature will be automatically activated for MyPower customers.

Where can I find information on how to use the app?

Watch the video above or call us on 1800 267 926 and we can talk you through it.

I don’t have a mobile phone compatible with the app. Can I still sign up to MyPower?

Yes. While you won’t be able to directly monitor your usage, you will receive an alert on your phone via SMS when you are about to go over your usage allowance.