From March 2023, the Esperance Gas Distribution Company (EGDC) will no longer provide reticulated gas to the Esperance community. On behalf of the State Government, we've developed a program to support the 379 affected customers with the transition off the reticulated gas network and ensure continued access to reliable and secure energy.

How does the Esperance Energy Transition Package work?

The package will be available to affected residential customers from 26 April 2022 and will run until December 2022. If you’re connected to the Esperance Gas Distribution Network, you are eligible for financial support through the Esperance Energy Transition Package, to help cover the costs of replacing your gas appliances. 

Choose a registered tradesperson

Choose a registered tradesperson

To get started, you'll first need to select a registered tradesperson. They will then need to visit your property to assess the number of gas appliances and effort required for your new energy solution.

Then apply for financial support

Then apply for financial support

Once you have a quote from the selected tradesperson, you’ll then need to submit these details as part of your online application to participate in the scheme.

We'll assess your application

We'll assess your application

It will take around 5-10 days to review your application. We’ll then confirm the amount of financial support provided by us, so you can choose your own appliance and arrange for the works to get started.

Once approved you can arrange for installation

Once approved you can arrange for installation

Once we've approved your application, you can then get in touch with your registered tradesperson to confirm a time and date for installation. They’ll take care of ordering and installing the appliances at your property.

We'll cover the cost to replace your reticulated gas appliances - within the following supply cost caps

Offering features comparable to the appliance being replaced - an equal or ‘like for like’ replacement.

  • If you choose to upgrade an appliance, you can simply pay for the gap between the appliance cost and the approved amount of financial support.
  • If your preferred choice is to move toward bottled gas for all appliances, we'll support your transition.


Supply cost cap - $AUD inclusive of GST




Induction $1200 $1500 $2200
Conduction $700 $700 $1200

Upright cookerOven.svg

cooktop /
electric oven
cooktop /
electric oven
$1800 $1800 $3000



Convection $1200 $1200 $2500

Space heating

Supply cost cap - $AUD inclusive of GST


Small ~3kW
(Less than 12m2)
Medium ~5kW
(Between 20-40m2)
Large ~7kW
(Greater than 40m2)

Air conditioner reverse cycle

(minimum 4-star rated for heating capacity)

Air conditioner.svg

$1200 $1800 $2500

Hot water service

Supply cost cap - $AUD inclusive of GST


Less than
250 litres
Greater than
250 litres

Electric heat pump

Suitable for hard water


$4000 $5000

Indoor electric storage
Electric storage
Electric instantaneous
Solar hot water

Hot water system - electric.svg

$1000 $1500

LPG gas conversion

Supply cost cap - $AUD inclusive of GST


Existing gas appliances  


If you choose to keep your current gas appliance you can still receive up to $2000 per household for the following work:​

  • Installation of LPG bottles​
  • Additional pipework
  • Re-jetting of appliances
  • New LPG appliances (where existing appliance cannot be re-jetted)


Once you've met with and received a quote from the tradesperson then you're ready to apply

It will only take around 5 minutes to complete the form but you'll need the following details handy to upload as part of your application:

  • 100 points of ID
  • Proof of property ownership. For example a copy of your council rates or ceritifcate of title.
  • The tradesperson quote/s and their attached photos of the make and model details of the appliance(s) they are replacing.


Once you've submitted your application, we'll assess your application and get back in touch with you and your selected tradesperson to confirm the financial support provided by us - within 5-10 business days. 

The good news is... once approved, you can then arrange with your tradesperson to purchase the appliances and complete the installation works and then arrange for the reticulated gas connection to be switched off.


To apply for the scheme, you'll first need to get a quote...

From a registered tradesperson who will assess the number of gas appliances and effort required to transition to a new solution.

Once you have a quote from the selected tradesperson, you’ll then need to submit these details as part of your online application to participate in the scheme.

Trade Electrical Plumbing + Gas fitting
Air conditioner installer Trade Coordinator
Le Grande Plumbing
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Surge Electrical
Request a quote
BCL Electrical Contracting
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Absolute Hot Water and Gas 
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Coastal Climate Choice
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Energy efficiency fact sheets

Compare the benefits of switching to LPG gas or their electric appliance alternatives.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is happening with the Esperance Gas Distribution Network?

    The Esperance Gas Distribution Company (EGDC) provides reticulated gas to 379 customers in Esperance (41 businesses and 338 residential customers).

    On 30 September 2021, the EGDC announced it would cease supplying reticulated gas to the Esperance community from 31 March 2022. Following this announcement, Horizon Power, on behalf of the State Government, executed an agreement with EGDC to secure a 12 month extension on the reticulated gas supply.

    This means customers with appliances that use reticulated gas will need to transition to another energy source before 31 March 2023. Depending on your energy needs, you may be able to choose between bottled gas, electrification or a combination of both.

  • Why can’t reticulated gas supply continue past 31 March 2023?

    EGDC has indicated it cannot commercially continue to supply gas and operate the reticulated gas network beyond that date.

    Horizon Power has worked with EGDC to investigate different options to ensure customers would continue to have access to the energy they need.

    Transitioning from reticulated gas was found to provide the greatest benefits for customers and the broader community, with the least risks.

  • How will affected customers be supported through this process?

    Horizon Power will deliver the Esperance Energy Transition Plan, to support customers with this transition. The program includes:

    • Financial assistance for ‘like-for-like’ replacement
    • Guidance from energy efficiency experts
    • Connection with local tradespeople
    • Dedicated phone line and email support.
  • What do impacted customers need to do first?

    If you use reticulated gas in your home or commercial premises, you will need to complete the transition plan survey on the Esperance gas reticulation transition hub  website.

    Horizon Power can then add you to its transition program plan. You will receive an update as soon as the program launches.

    If you’re unable to access the survey online, please email or call the Esperance Horizon Power team on (08) 9072 3470.

  • When will the transition plan begin?

    Horizon Power will launch its Esperance Energy Transition Plan for residential customers on 26 April 2022.

    Installation and/or conversion work is planned for May to December 2022.

    We encourage you to complete the transition plan survey before the program launch, to ensure you are included in all planning and communications.

  • How does the residential financial support work?

    Horizon Power will pay tradespeople directly for approved transition works. From 26 April 2022, you will be able to view a directory of participating tradespeople on Horizon Power’s website.

    The website will also include information on choosing your energy solution - electrification or bottled gas conversion, or a combination. You will need to arrange quotes for your chosen solution, and submit these via the application form available on the website.

    Once Horizon Power has approved your application, contact your tradesperson to arrange a date for the works which suits you. When work is complete, Horizon Power will pay tradespeople directly.

    If you have any difficulty with the online directory or form after it launches, please email or call the Esperance Horizon Power team on (08) 9072 3470.

  • What is electrification?

    Electrification is the process of converting an appliance or equipment to run on electricity.

    Electric appliances have become more popular in recent years, removing the need for separate gas supplies for most household cooking, water and space heating needs.

  • What are the benefits of electric appliances in homes?
    • Lower utility bills – by choosing an energy efficient electric appliance, and no longer paying a gas network supply charge.
    • Avoid unregulated gas price rises – experience has shown that bottled gas prices, especially in regional areas, can increase steeply.
    • Decrease your carbon footprint – since a large portion of Esperance’s electricity comes from renewable sources, electric appliances create less greenhouse gas emissions than gas counterparts.
    • Safe and healthy homes – as safe as modern gas appliances are, you can avoid possible risks by switching to electricity.
  • What does ‘like-for-like’ mean?

    It means the subsidy will cover the cost to replace a similar appliance.

    Horizon Power will provide appliance fact sheets to help you and your selected tradesperson to understand what financial support you can access.

    If you would like to take this opportunity to upgrade an appliance above the ‘like-for-like’ standard, you will need to pay the gap between the appliance cost and ‘like-for-like’ financial support.

  • How were the lists of like-for-like appliances determined?

    An independent energy efficiency specialist provided advice regarding technology, appliance options and reasonable costs. This process included consultation with local Esperance trades.

  • What if electrification is not an option for my home?

    If electrification is not feasible, Horizon Power will provide you with financial support to convert your existing appliances to bottled liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

    If you believe your home cannot be transitioned to bottled LPG or electric appliances, please send a brief description of your energy needs to or call the Esperance Horizon Power team on (08) 9072 3470.

  • What happens to my old appliances if I replace them with electric options?

    Horizon Power covers the cost to remove your existing appliances, however, if you would like to keep your appliances or sell them to a third party, you are welcome to do so.

  • How do renters apply for this plan?

    If you are renting your home, we recommend you speak directly to your property manager or the property owner, to ensure they are aware of the Esperance Energy Transition Plan.

    The financial support application will need to be completed by the person listed on the property Rates Notice.

  • Is solar installation part of this transition?

    No. The plan’s priority is to ensure affected customers transition off the gas network prior to 31 March 2023.

    However, Horizon Power is working on future solar releases across regional WA, including Esperance.

  • May I use my own tradesperson?

    To qualify for the Horizon Power financial support, you must use a Horizon Power approved and registered tradesperson who has completed our standard onboarding and Safety Induction Program.

    If there is a tradesperson you specifically wish to use, they can simply complete the registration process.

  • How can a tradesperson be included on the Horizon Power list of registered trades?

    Horizon Power will conduct a contractor registration and approval process requiring evidence of licences and certificate of insurance for any supplier participating in the program.

    All participating suppliers will be required to complete the Horizon Power Safety Induction program and agree to perform the works in accordance with industry practices and a minimum standard of work.

  • What if my home cannot transition to electricity prior to 31 March 2023?

    We will be supporting you throughout this process and will frequently check in with customers and tradespeople through to ensure all transition work is completed on time and in accordance with Horizon Power safety and installation standards.

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If you have a question about the Esperance Energy Transition Plan or need assistance with the process, submit an enquiry below or call our Esperance office on (08) 9072 3470.

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