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Forms, fees and charges

Horizon Power charges customers and contractors for the retail and network services we provide to maintain and upgrade our assets and ensure safe and reliable power.

Account establishment fee


Copy of customer invoice request


Credit card transaction fee 


Dishonour fee (via Australia Post) $24.40
Dishonour fee (via Direct Debit) $14.75

Overdue account notice*


All prices are inclusive of GST.
*no GST payable on the overdue account notice. 

Meter test - standard meter testing


Meter test - reduced meter testing


Meter damage


Remote reconnection or disconnection $6.19
Interval data request $30.00

Manual reconnection or disconnection


Remote meter configuration


Manual meter read


Subsidiary electricity meter rental daily charge


Reconciliation of embedded network master account

Quote required

Embedded network management fee


Adding or removing meters from an embedded network account

Quote required 

Rebilling of an embedded network master meter account

Quote required 

All prices are inclusive of GST. 

PV network impact statement (up to 1 MW)


PV network impact statement (greater than 1 MW)


All prices are inclusive of GST.

Unnecessary callout charge - (service vehicle visit)


High and wide load permit


Inspector fee (re-Inspections)


Freedom of Information application fee $30.00
Vegetation removal Quote required

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Customer-funded work

Form Fee or charge 1 July 2018 charge (incl GST)  Description 
Application for unmetered supply Quote required  Requests for streetlights, traffic lights and boom gates are assessed on application and a quote will be provided.
Application to install modification works on Horizon Power assets Quote required An application form to attach either decorative works (e.g. banners) or CCTV cameras to Horizon Power assets, in accordance with the Third Party Attachments Policy.
Connection to the network  Quote required  A quote is provided to provide electricity to a premise where there is no existing supply. Some customers may be eligible for the subsidised underground connection fee.  Please ensure you complete an application form for a temporary supply and/or CT meter if required. 
Design fee  $6,195.00

Customers applying for a new connections or an upgraded connection to more than 30 kilovolt ampere (kVA) are required to pay a design fee to enable a formal quote to be prepared. The design fee will be deducted from the formal quote if you proceed with the project but is otherwise non-refundable.

Please note: A quote for the design and formal quote will be provided for projects with a connection greater than 1000 kVA or 10 per cent of the relevant systems peak load or a subdivision that requires headwork's and the capacity of the connection is greater than 1000 kVA or 10 per cent of the relevant systems peak load.

Design Information Package (DIP) $1,198.00 Network information provided to developers to assist with their planning. This fee is a fixed fee regardless of the size of the development works. 
Disconnection and reconnection of power supplies at the pole/pillar (LV only) $758.00

If you need to temporarily interrupt power supply to your home or business (for example to carry out renovations), this fee will apply for us to disconnect power at the pole/pillar.  The submission of a Preliminary Notice by the electrical contractor ahead of electrical work being carried out within the premise will also trigger this process. This fee is charged for both disconnection and again for reconnection if we need to visit the property twice. 

Disconnection of power ahead of demolition  $758.00 This form is to request the electricity supply to be disconnected to your property ahead of demolition.
HV Submission coversheet template N/A This form is suggested as a coversheet for HV Submissions, which are required for a HV connection.
Permanent power supply - (single or three phase meter) $909.00

The fee charged to install and connect a single or three phase meter. Also charged when upgrading from a single to three phase meter. 

Please note: this fee will be included on your first bill, itemised as a ‘New Connection Permanent Supply’. Usually an electrical contractor requests the meter and will therefore be charged for this work.

Relocate a Horizon Power asset Quote required  If you need to relocate distribution equipment such as transformers, pillars and overhead lines, please complete this application form and we will provide a quote for the work required. Relocation is subject to a suitable alternative location and will be chargeable to the applicant.
Subsidised underground connection fee  - up to 3 dwellings
(Underground supply in an overhead area form)

An underground power supply is mandatory for all new connections and upgrades. If you meet the terms and conditions, this subsidised rate will be charged. New connections and upgrades that do not meet the terms and conditions will be assessed and quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Please note: you will need to engage the services of an electrical contractor to connect power from the pillar to your meter box. (Existing network disconnection and re-connection charge excluded, new connection, perm meter connection charge will appear on the customer's first invoice).

Temporary supply connection - (single or three phase meter) $896.00

The charge to provide a single or three phase temporary connection to your premise while building works are carried out. 

Please note: this fee will be included on your first bill, itemised as a ‘New Connection Temp Supply’. Usually an electrical contractor requests the meter and will therefore be charged for this work.

Upgrade power supply to a current transformer CT Meter (over 100 amps) Quote required  If you require Current Transformer (CT) metering, please complete an application form and we will provide a quote for this service. If there will be an increase in demand, you will also need to complete the Connection Application form.