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Yungngora Power Project (ARCPSP)

This project involves upgrading the electrical distribution network in the community and replacing an ageing and poorly located power station with a more modern, compliant and fuel efficient power station. The electricity network was upgraded in November 2011. Residents now access household power via pre-payment meters, giving them greater visibility and control of electricity consumption and costs.

The project has been particularly challenging given the community's remote location in the far northwest of WA and high levels of rainfall in the wet season. Together these factors can make access by contractors and crews difficult resulting in occasional project delays.

The power station has been built off the main access road into the Yungngora community. The site was chosen because it is away from the community, is raised above known flood levels and has good access to deliver fuel to site.

Yungngora Power Station

The new Yungngora Power Station is now operational. The modern and more efficient station began delivering power to the West Kimberley community ahead of schedule on 6 September, 2013.

Under the State Government-funded Aboriginal and Remote Community Power Station Project (ARCPSP), Horizon Power has upgraded the electrical networks in the communities of Yungngora, and Kalumburu, in the East Kimberley, and is building new power stations. Construction of the Kalumburu Power Station is nearing completion and is expected to be finished by the end of the year, depending on weather conditions.

Kimberley Regional Service Providers are the principal contractor for this project.

ARCPSP is designed to improve the safety and reliability of power supplies in Aboriginal communities.

We have worked closely with the community of Yungngora over this time to help lower residents' power bills through energy efficiency education and providing information about electrical safety and how to pay for power.


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Why is the Project taking place?
The Western Australian Government understands that inadequate essential services, such as power and water, is a key contributor to poor health and wellbeing in remote and Aboriginal communities. The Project will replace ageing and poorly located power stations with modern, efficient and more environmentally-friendly power stations. The distribution networks and house wiring will be upgraded to improve the reliability and safety of power supplies, and where possible be undergrounded. Ultimately Horizon Power will work with the communities to ensure a safe, reliable, high quality, cost-effective and sustainable energy solution meets their long-term needs.
Where will the power station be located?
The power station at Yungngora will be built off the main access road into the community. The site was chosen because it is away from the community, is above known flood levels and has good access to deliver fuel to site.

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