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Your meter

How do I fill my self read card?

Some customers in remote areas or where access to the property is restricted read their own meters. Horizon Power uses the information you provide to issue an account every two months.

If you read your own meter, Horizon Power will send you a self-addressed, postage paid self-read card every two months to record the meter reading. Self-read cards should be returned to Horizon Power within 10 working days to avoid an estimated account, based on previous electricity use, being issued.

Dial meters

Clock-face dial meters have four, five or six dials, which alternate in direction - or in other words, move both clockwise and counter clockwise. Each of the dials represents one digit of the present reading.

To read these meters:

  • stand directly in front of your meter
  • starting from the right, read each dial and write down the figures
  • when a dial hand points between two numbers, write down the lower of the two
  • if the hand points between 0 and 1 write down 0, but if the hand points between 0 and 9, write down 9

For example, the reading in diagram 1 is 2-7-0-3-8 or 27,038 kilowatt hours (units).

When a dial hand appears to be exactly on a number as on dial D in diagram 2, look at dial C to the right. If the hand on dial C has not passed 0, the number 5 has not actually been reached on dial D and the reading on that dial is the next lower number, 4.

The reading in diagram 2 is 0-4-9-8-1 or 4,981 kilowatt hours (units).

Meter reading example

If your property has more than one meter, or you have several properties, you will receive a self-read card for each meter. Please ensure you match the number on the card with the correct meter.

Digital meters

The electro-mechanical digital display meters have a six-digit display similar to the odometer of your motor vehicle. To read these meters you simply write down the figures that are displayed.

Digital meter example

Electronic meters

Electronic meters have a six-digit display register. The register can be static or can automatically step through a sequence of displays or registers depending on your tariff. A number that appears at the top right-hand end of the register identifies each display or register.

If you are on a standard residential or commercial tariff (i.e. A1, L1, K1 or M1), where the registers stay static, you simply write down the numbers that are displayed. Please refer to your bill to see what tariff you are on.

For meters that have multiple registers, the register you will need to read will depend on the meter installed. Click here for more information on the various meters. 

Last updated: Friday, 25 October 2013 12:30 PM