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Electricity prices and charges (Residential)

In Western Australia, the State Government determines how much you pay for your electricity.

Horizon Power is committed to providing safe and reliable power supplies to our customers and doing so in the most economically efficient way possible.

All tariff customers in Western Australia pay the same electricity prices, regardless of whether they live in Perth or in rural areas.

Other than for government customers, electricity tariffs continue to be significantly lower than the average cost of supply as they are heavily subsidised by the State Government through the uniform tariff policy.

Electricity tariffs decreased on 1 September 2014 due to the removal of the carbon cost. This is in line with the Federal Government's repeal of the carbon tax legislation.

Please click here to refer to Horizon Power's carbon tax removal substation statement in accordance with section 60FD(2) of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010

Refunds of the cost of carbon paid between 1 July - 1 September will be paid to customers from 1 November 2014.  

Please click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Please click here to read our Tariff and Charges brochure.

The A2 tariff is the standard residential tariff, which is available to private dwellings (houses, home units, flats, apartments, etc.) used solely for residential purposes. It offers customers the same flat rate energy charge regardless of when and which time of day electricity is used.

Prices from 1 September 2014
Supply charge - cents per day 45.1516
Supply charge for additional residences* - cents per day 35.0581
Electricity charge - cents per unit 24.5961

* Applies to multiple flats and home units supplied through the main Horizon Power meter.

All prices are inclusive of GST and have been rounded to four decimal places.

This tariff is suitable for customers who use electricity partly for residential and partly for business purposes.

The daily supply charge of the K2 tariff is the same as the supply charge of the residential A2 tariff. The first 20 kWh (units) of consumption per day, or approximately 610 kWh per month, are also charged at the residential rate.

Some examples of eligible parties for the K2 tariff include:

  • commercial, industrial or general properties with a caretaker's residence attached, including churches, schools, shops, factories, police stations and post offices;
  • private residences in which a room or suite of rooms is used for commercial purposes, such as a doctor's surgery, child-minding centre or real estate office; and
  • farming properties where electricity for both the residence and other farm facilities, such as a shearing shed, irrigation pump or cold storage room is supplied through a single metered supply point.
Prices from 1 September 2014
Supply charge - cents per day 45.1516
Electricity charge - cents per unit for first 20 units per day 24.5961
Electricity charge - cents per unit for next 1630 units per day 28.1603
Electricity charge - cents per unit for more than 1650 units per day 25.4102

All prices are inclusive of GST and have been rounded to four decimal places.

Power Price equity scheme for Caravan Park Residents

In May 2004, the Western Australian Government introduced the Power Price Equity Scheme for Permanent Caravan Park Residents.

The purpose of the Scheme is to ensure that permanent residents pay the same for power as other domestic customers, as well as be eligible for energy rebates.

The key components of the Scheme are:

  • From 1 July 2004, permanent caravan park residents who hold valid concession cards are eligible for the Scheme's energy subsidies.
  • From 1 November 2004, permanent park residents will pay no more than Horizon Power's uniform residential (A2) tariff regardless of their geographic location or power supply arrangements.

From 1 January 2004, permanent residents will be provided with itemised electricity accounts that clearly separate any electricity charges from other fees charged to residents, including rental charges.

Please see below links for more information about how the Scheme will affect you.

Application Forms for subsidies

Horizon Power's residential customers pay the same price per unit of electricity, regardless of where they live in Western Australia.

Prices from 1 July 2014
1. Account establishment fee $33.80
2. Reconnection fee $31.10
3. Special meter reading fee $22.77
4. Meter testing fee (fee is refunded if the meter is found to be faulty)
- standard rate
- concession rate

5. Overdue account notices fee $4.75
6. Rejected payment/dishonour fee
(payment made at Australia Post)
7. Cheque dishonour fee $13.00

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Last updated: Friday, 5 September 2014 10:16 AM