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Our commitment

Horizon Power is committed to providing the safest and most reliable power supply to customers, both efficiently and sustainably.

Undergrounding power in the North West, the development of new power stations and upgrade programs such as those in the Esperance and surrounding rural regions ensure our assets are fit for purpose and safe for the public and our staff.

We aim to create intergenerational assets by maximising social, environmental and economic benefits.

Our business objectives are:

  • Social - to provide safe, reliable and efficient power supplies and effective high quality customer service.
  • Environmental - to reduce our environmental impact and help customers change energy consumption behaviours through innovative product offerings and education campaigns.
  • Economic - to grow profitably and deliver value from regional development.

Horizon Power has identified three broad strategic themes to deliver these objectives. They are:

  • Business Excellence
  • Infrastructure Planning and Development
  • Service Extension

Horizon Power Strategy Wheel

Last updated: Thursday, 8 September 2011 9:59 AM