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Electrical contractors

In Western Australia, regulations do not permit unlicensed persons to work on electrical installations. Additional conditions apply to the licensing of electrical contractors including advertising as, or contracting to perform such work.

For enquiries regarding licensing, the qualifications to work, to undertake work, and/or to contract to perform electrical work on electrical installations should be referred to:

The Manager
Electrical Licensing Board
Energy Safety
303 Sevenoaks Street, Cannington WA 6107
P O Box 135 Cannington WA 6987
Phone 08 9422 5200
Fax 08 9422 5244

Electrical contractor/worker details

It is important to ensure that both individual (electrical worker) and business (electrical contractor or in-house) licenses are correctly registered and maintained.

Where a residential/business address, holders names or any other aspect of the license details changes EnergySafety must be notified within 28 days of the change.

Access to the required forms can be gained via EnergySafety's website.

  • Preliminary Notices
  • Completion Notices

These notices are required by Horizon Power and are available from EnergySafety. Please contact EnergySafety at the above address or contact number.

Please Note:

The fax numbers for electrical notices and network service requests/network applications forms have changed. Please update your records with the new numbers.

All Electrical Notices should be sent to fax number 6310 1044. The email address remains the same:

All AANS forms should be sent to fax 1800 420 998 or email:

Last updated: Thursday, 12 March 2015 3:16 PM