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Building or upgrading your business

This page will guide you through the process of applying for a new electricity connection or electrical upgrade. If you have any questions, or need assistance at any stage of the connection process, your local Horizon Power office can help.

New connections or upgrades

Process for new connections and upgrades

For more information about any of these steps, please download our brochure on how to apply for a new connection or electrical upgrade.

Other works

Please complete the relevant application form below.

Connection applications are designed to assist Horizon Power understand your connection needs and to assess the network infrastructure requirements. The Connection Application Form is the primary form to connect power to any site.

The Application for Underground Supply in an Overhead Area form is used if you wish to connect a single residential property from the overhead network to an underground connection.

The Application for a New Power Supply (ANPS) form – permanent and temporary connections for new homes or businesses.

The Application and Agreement for Network Services form (AANS) form - a non electrical overhead or underground disconnection/ reconnection or a disconnection for demolition.

The Request for Quotation for Relocation of Horizon Power Assets form is required when applying for relocation of distribution equipment such as transformers, pillars and overhead lines. Relocation is subject to a suitable alternative location and will be chargeable to the applicant.

The Application for CT Metering Works form is required to arrange for Current Transformer (CT) metering when there will be no increase in demand. A Connection Application must be completed if the supply is being upgraded.

The Unmetered Electricity Supply Application form is required for unmetered electricity supply connections in public places, for example, traffic-lights, illuminated street signs, local government owned street lights and telecommunication equipment. 

Things to be aware of

  • We encourage you to contact your local office to discuss your supply options if any of the below criteria apply to you, as Horizon Power is not oliged to connect customers who:
    • are more than 100 metres from a network
    • are outside the electrical licensing boundary designated to each network
    • will consume more than 160 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity a year.
  • In most instances, your electrical contractor must submit a Preliminary Notice before starting work and a Notice of Completion within three working days of completing the work. An Inspectors’ Order or Advice Note may be issued to the electrical contractor if any further work needs to be undertaken before the property can be energised. Your electrical contractor must provide you with an Electrical Safety Certificate within 28 days of completing the electrical work, certifying that the work has been checked and tested, is safe, compliant and completed to a trade finish.

  • Horizon Power has a Pricing Policy to guide how we charge for the services we provide you in relation to connecting your service, providing and managing your supply of electricity as well as for the buyback of renewable energy.How much you have to pay will depend on what type of customer you are. Use our Customer Calculator for more information on our pricing policy or to find out what type of customer you are. If you already know what your business is classified as, you can go straight to our fact sheets.
Small & Medium Business Pricing Information Large Enterprise Pricing Information
Developer Pricing Information

If you are a Residential customer, please visit our residential pages or click here

Last updated: Wednesday, 7 January 2015 12:46 PM