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About Us

What we do

Horizon Power is a State Government-owned, commercially-focused Corporation that provides high quality, safe and reliable power to approximately 100,000 residents and 10,000 businesses, including major industry, across regional and remote Western Australia.

Horizon Power is responsible for generating, procuring, distributing and retailing electricity supplies.

How we do it

Horizon Power services 45,164 customer connections (June 2013) in the Pilbara, Kimberley, Gascoyne, Mid West and southern Goldfields (Esperance) regions, dispersed across an area of approximately 2.3 million square kilometres – about 10 times the size of the state of Victoria. 

Horizon Power manages 38 systems: the North West Interconnected System (NWIS) in the Pilbara and the connected network between Kununurra, Wyndham and Lake Argyle, and 34 stand-alone systems in regional towns and remote communities.

Horizon Power’s value proposition is unique among organisations delivering regional services in that it is led from the regions. Horizon Power has a decentralised management structure with senior decision-making staff located in six regional centres: Karratha (Head Office), Port Hedland, Broome, Kununurra, Carnarvon and Esperance. An administration centre in Bentley provides support to the regional offices.

District teams understand their community’s needs, aspirations and their unique characteristics. Thus Horizon Power strikes a balance between centralising systems, standards and processes and optimised local delivery of service.

What we believe in

Horizon Power’s strategy has regional communities and enterprises at its centre. The organisation is differentiated by the fact its offices and staff are located in the regional communities it serves. This offers real benefits to communities through on-the-ground response to cyclones, storms and other natural disasters; an ability to manage  services at a local level in growing regional communities; and a coordinated approach to regional development.

Our purpose is simple: provide energy for life. Our strategy to achieve this is to be the local energy partner for the communities we serve. We have three key areas that underpin our strategy: the Safety of our employees, contractors and customers, maximising stakeholder Value and being part of the Community.  This purpose and strategy means creating value in all of our activities, reaching beyond our current generation and the construction and operation of physical assets. In short, we want to leave a lasting positive economic, social and environmental legacy for future generations.

Our Executive

Brendan Hammond  Ian Mickel  Lynne Craigie 
Ron Johnston  Rosemary Wheatley  David Powell 
Ian Fletcher  Frank Tudor  David Tovey 

Our Strategy

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